How to draw a model. Some thoughts

how to draw a model

Looking at the model and drawing like that is something that requires a lot of skill. It is very laborious to maintain the position, light, and still state of a living model until it is drawn. It may seem easy to the viewer but it is something that requires a lot of skill. Below I … Read more

Why some people can Draw Better than Others

draw better than others

This is a doubt that many of us sometimes feel. After seeing a good picture and thinking of drawing something like it, the result will be disappointment for most people when it is finished. Why some people can draw better than others. Today we are going to look at an article on this topic. Does … Read more

Colored pencil drawing ideas for beginners.

colored pencil drawing ideas

For many of us, the ability to draw really good pictures with a pencil. Almost all painters are more interested in drawing pictures with colored pencils. This is because colored pencils are the most suitable and inexpensive medium for drawing high resolution images. This article covers colored pencil drawing ideas for beginners. Colored pencil drawing … Read more

How to draw a picture from imagination?

draw a picture from imagination

This topic is a very important one. Because one thing that many people often fail to do is to draw a good picture from the imagination. How many people know exactly what imagination is before dealing with the subject of ‘how to draw a picture from imagination.’ What is imagination? Imagination is the very power … Read more

What is painter’s real reward

What is painter's real reward

What is painter’s real reward A painter was painting portrait of a man on the street. He does it for the money. Surely he will be rewarded. But is that the real reward he gets? What is painter’s real reward?. Of course not. His real reward is the astonishment in the eyes of the people around … Read more

Easy animals to draw

Easy animals to draw Do you know how to draw animals? It is safe to say that you know about the craft of drawing animals on the web? What are your most loved wild animals? Do you truly adore them?.Easy animals to draw In the event that yes, at that point might you want to … Read more

How to Create a Beautiful Landscape Painting

One of the most popular forms of art is that of a landscape painting.  A landscape painting captures the feel and the beauty of a certain special place.  A good landscape painting will make the viewer feel that they are right there in the painting.  They feel as though they can breathe the very air … Read more

Oil Painting Reproduction – The Secret to Affordable Oil

Hand painted oil painting reproductions are a great way to design with style, and with an oil painting reproduction, you will only pay a fraction of the cost of similar gallery paintings. Learn more about oil painting reproductions and how you can enhance the character and beauty of your home. Hand painted oil painting reproductions are … Read more

Drawing Style of De Vinci

Leonardo DE Vinci was a famous artist (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) was an Italian polymath.) best known for his painting of the (Mona Lisa) and (The Last Supper).Leonardo was born out of wedlock to a notary in Vinci in the region of Florence. He was also involved in many other things such … Read more