Kingfisher Drawing. Step by step drawing images

Learn how to draw kingfisher easily. Here is step by step drawing tutorial images. I am used colored pencils for this drawing. First we need to draw outline. Then you can sketch with colored pencils. You can also watch my YouTube video Here [vineetha] How to draw kingfisher

Roll of freelance artists in Animation Studios.

There are no set section prerequisites to wind up distinctly an artist. It is imperative to have an abnormal state of representation capacity, a broad arrangement of value work and self-limited time abilities to acquire work. Most artists have a HND, Foundation degree or degree in a craftsmanship and configuration subject, for example, representation, visual … Read more

How To Draw A Hand In An Android App.

Drawing App 01

This drawing is done in my smart phone. I am using Samsung Note 5 which is very compactable for my drawing skills. Also Am thankful for Sketch Android drawing app. This drawing is a figure drawing. I model my left hand. Here is some screen shots you can easily understand My drawing style. This is … Read more

Freehand Drawing Basic Thoughts

What is a Freehand Drawing Freehand drawing implies putting blemishes on a level surface, pretty much smooth, with the guide of a device. Frequently the instrument being referred to is a pencil, yet you can draw through pens, brushes, pastels or charcoal. Stomach muscle antiquo hand-draw was basic and the plan was viewed as “the … Read more

coloring for kids. color mixing ideas

Coloring for kids Kids as a rule find out about shading amid their preschool years. The capacity to recognize hues is viewed as a marker and point of reference in a tyke’s psychological procedure and is regularly some portion of early screening for advancement and instructive permission. Perceiving the hues and distinguishing the shading names … Read more

How To Choose Best Colored Pencils For Kids

Pastels And Shaded Pencils Before you run out and stock up on supplies, remember that not all workmanship supplies are made equivalent. Numerous well known craftsmanship materials contain dangerous fixings and may really be impeding to your child’s health. Here and there purchasers end up attempting to make sense of what to purchase for their children … Read more