What is painter’s real reward

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What is painter’s real reward

A painter was painting portrait of a man on the street. He does it for the money. Surely he will be rewarded. But is that the real reward he gets? What is painter’s real reward?. Of course not. His real reward is the astonishment in the eyes of the people around him and the compliments in their words. if any art is doing for money, it becomes an occupation.

A painter cannot sell his talent. When an artist completes a picture for money, if anybody say that the picture was a minor error. The reward in his pocket becomes mere wages. But if he gets more compliments and more. More colourful paintings may be born and turned into an inspiration.

Those who forget themselves while drawing a picture, forget to eat, and forget all around. They are the ones who have dedicated their life to painting. Those who enjoy and draw every stroke and pay close attention to it. Others may think he is a madman, lazy and aimless man. But they enjoy every moment of life in their mind. With the colours on the canvas, the colourful vast world of those minds, they are drawing for you to enjoy.

What is painter's real reward

From the perspective of each of you, that life can be miserable. But it’s the journey to an artist’s masterpiece. They ignore their hunger and thirst for art and you pay or auctioning. for painted pictures. And finally, when the picture adorns the glittering walls in the living room of the mansions. The artist may be forgetting the old paintings, and paint new one with the new colour combinations in the mind. Don’t call them people who forgot to live. Because you can see through their canvases that are their colourful life moments. Remember that it is their life that you own for a price. Those pictures that adorn your walls have their life as a signature.

In the countryside of Holland, in the field of sunflowers, there is an artist who has devoted his life to wandering with his canvas and colour palettes. One who has given only space to colour and painting in his life. The one who cut his left ear in front of those who accuse him of his paintings. The painter who finally ended his life at the age of thirty-seven. Yes, ‘Vincent Van Gogh’. The painter, who did not bargain for painting. later valued millions of dollars for his paintings

What is reward for that great painter. What was the reward of that life?

We all remember that the real reward for an artist is compliments from our tongues. Real rewards for bringing out a painter’s masterpiece. We can reward the talented, without avoid them. Reward for those who love painting.

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