Good Quality Drawing Paper For Charcoal And Graphite Pencils

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How to select good paper for graphite pencil

For nitty gritty, realist graphite pencil drawing, you require a solid good quality drawing paper which will adapt to rehashed eradicating and working, and a fine composition which will permit you to make the hallucination of surfaces like glass, metal or skin. Most drawing paper has a coarse surface which conflicts with you.

For graphite drawings with a moderate level of authenticity, a drawing paper like Strathmore Series 400 will give great results without using up every last cent. It’s a grayish however, so won’t give the smart highlights you requirement for extremely fresh authenticity. For tonal drawing, particularly with bunches of darks, it merits paying the additional for some Stonehenge paper. While its delicate surface doesn’t take to loads of adjusting, the fine smooth tooth holds the medium well.


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Numerous expert specialists choose bristol board, as opposed to paper, for their realist tonal drawings. The surfaces are solid, intense and exceptionally smooth.

A plate completion is useful for fine detail and exact lines, while a velours surface will permit wealthier darks, however can have some unmistakable composition. It’s a smart thought to attempt both to see which suits your drawing style. You can’t turn out badly with a plate complete Strathmore Series 500 Bristol Board.


Another mainstream alternative with realist craftsmen is hot-squeezed watercolor paper. Some have an excess of size and are elusive, yet a negligibly estimated watercolor paper will have a fabulous tooth and smooth surface, without the dangerous of Bristol Plate. This is my own inclination as well. Attempt Fabriano Artistico Bright White or Arches Bright White hot press.

Good quality drawing paper for charcoal pencil

Tone and esteem are vital while considering a charcoal paper. A smooth, non-lustrous paper, for example, vellum, can be utilized yet keep as a part of psyche that dust will be more common and the charcoal may not follow also without utilizing a workable fixative intermittently. A fine toothed paper is more qualified to follow the charcoal and makes less tidy, while a harsh toothed paper will follow yet can be more hard to mix. Papers with a gleaming or lustrous surface aren’t appropriate in light of the fact that the charcoal won’t follow legitimately.

The perfect quality drawing paper for those uncertain of what they are searching for or for those needing to spare cash is a paper that has an alternate front and back composition. Numerous organizations create a paper that is smooth on one side and has a slight tooth on the other. A case of this sort of paper is Canson Mi-Teintes. The front side has a smooth surface and the posterior has a slight composition. The paper is accessible in a huge number of hues yet it is a more slender paper and does not withstand a great deal of eradications.

Stonehenge papers arrive in an assortment of hues and have a smooth surface with a fine, even grain. It is a heavier paper and has enough composition for various layering yet creates a smooth completion. Stonehenge can withstand various deletions and can be utilized wet without clasping or tearing. Stonehenge can be utilized with water-dissolvable watercolors, shaded pencil and graphite yet does not take acrylic or gouache paints well.


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Another good quality drawing paper for charcoal drawing is Lanaquarelle. A more costly paper, it’s heavyweight and has a more textured surface than Stonehenge and Cason Mi-Teintes. Lanaquarelle can withstand various eradications and can be utilized wet with generally mediums. Acrylic and gouache paints follow well and are ideal for blended medium work with Nitram Charcoal.

It’s likewise critical to make certain the picked paper is “recorded quality” if the completed work is proposed to keep going for quite a long time. At the point when a paper is of recorded quality, it has been made to keep going for quite a long time without breakdown or staining. The paper won’t contain corrosive or any added substances that can make paper crumble or lose shading esteem.


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With Nitram Charcoal and good quality drawing paper, you can make a magnum opus to keep going for a considerable length of time to come!

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