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Side face drawing of a kid using smartphone

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In this post I will try to share  some thoughts on topic about “Side face drawing of a kid”.
We need to understand  some things before start sketching. First upon our canvas size. Keep in mind that the most people will fail this part. The actual model image maybe bigger or smaller than  our canvas. In this case  I followed calculations in my mind. First time I noticed some points in my mind. Suppose I take one point in left top of the kid’s head, then this point will consider as a master point. Then we need to mark some sub points  to make actual face shape. Example: master point  to right eye, master point  to lips center etc… Keep in mind that your canvas area limits

If you are a biginer in portrait drawings, please don’t  follow this idea. You can follow some other way to get  accurate measurement. One of them is rows and columns. You can divide actual  image into rows and columns and then draw this columns  to your canvas in your own specific measurements. The important thing is, don’t change basic ratio of the  rows and columns. You can watch my drawing video right below this post. This video was made by an android app. So there is many difficulties I faced. Color combination is not right.
You can try my method with different kids images. If you like my video please  subscribe my YouTube channel.


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