What to Draw. How to draw?. Motivational article.

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What to draw.

As usual, he woke up in the morning and picked up his phone and looked at Facebook. A beautifully painted peacock. At a young age, a lot has been drawn. If painted… For a long time, you thought you had to draw a picture. But can I paint properly?  What to draw.

what to draw
what to draw

Yes, that is the subject of today. “What to draw”. Painting was the earliest form of ancient art that emerged after the emergence of man. Maybe before languages occur. Of all the inherent talents of man, painting is the most common expressive art. There are those who do not paint the picture at a young age. We are deliberately avoiding the influence of other arts, or because of life circumstances, the ability of painting we exhibit in childhood.

Later, when looking at a good picture or drawing a picture, it seems that one must draw. But when it comes to drawing a good picture and thinking that it is the right thing to do, there is another problem. ‘What to draw’ and which to draw. What is easier for me to draw. This is how many people end up searching. Others will go a step further and find a topic.

In any case, 90% of people start drawing and end up halfway through or before, because the lines don’t work and the shapes don’t work. The drawing of the lizard is like that of a snake, and the drawing of a dragonfly is like that of a bird. And so you become frustrated. Right? The problem here is your mind. The mind knows very well how the lizard is shaped and the bird’s shape. But it is not possible to draw accurately. The main reason for that is that you don’t think like children.

Have you noticed that children are drawing. They are very simple shapes. Basic shapes such as rectangle, triangle and circle are drawn, and they draw houses, cars, and school. There is nothing they cannot draw. They are very satisfied with it.

It is from these basic shapes that our lines begin. It is when we begin to merge this structure into all the forms we have seen and seen, that we become a true painter. Your subject of what to draw will be there. Your problem of what to draw will be changed and you will be confident that you can draw anything now. People who are worried that others will make fun of them will never paint. Do not worry about your unfinished pictures.

Instead of fearing the errant Drawings, re-draw and eliminate that fear. Each of the errant drawings are the pointers to the perfect picture. Draw slowly and patiently. Stop the prospect of drawing in one sitting. A good picture can sometimes take days, months, or even years to complete. Patience is a good quality for a painter. Have a nice day. Keep drawing. Thanks

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