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Why some people can Draw Better than Others

draw better than others
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This is a doubt that many of us sometimes feel. After seeing a good picture and thinking of drawing something like it, the result will be disappointment for most people when it is finished. Why some people can draw better than others. Today we are going to look at an article on this topic.

Does a good painter get his skills naturally?

The ability to draw is naturally present in all people. Some get more opportunities to nurture those skills. Others increase their ability to draw tenfold through constant practice. But others may pretend not to see opportunities or forget about their potential due to other life issues.

How much of your point of view is there?

There is also a scientific reason why some people can draw better than others.

How you look at an object leads you to a better drawing. Just because you have seen a model does not mean that you can copy it on canvas in a good way. It requires constant training. Another factor is how active the visual memory in your brain is.

Imagine that you are drawing an eye. You look into the eyes of the model and make memories of its shape and then look at your canvas. If you want to be able to draw that shape there, your visual memory must be more active. One or two moments between looking at the shape of the model and looking at the canvas is important. If you lose your visual memory between those moments, you will not be able to complete the image properly.

You can enhance your visual memory with regular practice. Look and draw more and more models. Try to draw the same object from many different angles. Look at an object for a long time and then try to draw it. At first it will be very difficult. But the result of this method will be much better.

Do not pay attention to the details of the drawing at first.

One of the mistakes that happens to all of us, from the moment we start drawing, is to pay attention to details. The most important thing in a realistic drawing is its shape. Details can only be entered into once the original shape of the object to be drawn has reached our canvas. Of course the details matter. Detailing will help you to deliver a better visual experience. But remember that no realistic drawing can succeed without a clear shape.

Draw Better than Others

One of our biggest mistakes is comparing ourselves to the abilities of others. Understand that there is no one in this world who draws 100 percent perfectly. One can never draw like another. Then why do we carry such a sense of inferiority? A sense of competition comes to our minds when we try to draw better than others. It can cause your artistic talents to be exhausted. Everyone wants their own style in painting. But not competitive. Training is needed to nurture your creative abilities.

We should not try to draw better than others, but we should try to create our own style in painting. I hope everyone finds this article useful. Of course sharing will help. Thanks.

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